Renesas Electronics announced on the 26th that its Naka factory had reached full production capacity before the earthquake on March 26.

The Naka factory mainly produces advanced products such as automotive MCUs. Renesas pointed out that some semi-finished products being produced on the production line of the Naka factory were partially destroyed.

Renesas noted in the announcement that losses due to ruined work-in-process and reduced production account for approximately 2 weeks’ worth of production for the 200-mm (8-inch) wafer fabrication line, and approximately 3 weeks for the 300-mm (12-inch) line.

In addition to the Naka factory, the production capacity of the Takasaki and Yonezawa factories, which were also temporarily suspended due to the earthquake, returned to normal levels on the 23rd and 20th as scheduled, respectively. In terms of losses, the Takasaki factory lost about 10 days of production, and the Yonezawa factory lost about 2 days of output.