NXP Semiconductors has announced a collaboration with Hitachi Energy to accelerate the adoption of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor modules in e-mobility. The project aims to provide more efficient, reliable and functionally safe SiC MOSFET-based solutions for powertrain inverters comprised of NXPs advanced, high-performance GD3160 isolated HV Gate Drivers and Hitachi Energy’s RoadPak automotive SiC MOSFET power modules.

Compared to traditional silicon IGBTs, SiC MOSFET power devices offer electric vehicle makers the ability to increase the range and overall efficiency of their systems. SiC MOSFET power devices, enabled by high-performance power semiconductor modules and isolated gate drivers, offer faster switching speeds, lower turn-on resistance and reduced thermal dissipation that can help drive down the size and cost of an electric vehicle’s (xEV’s) powertrain inverter and lower the required capacity of the battery pack, extending the vehicle’s range.

Hitachi Energy’s high-performance automotive power semiconductor module RoadPak delivers excellent heat dissipation, low stray inductances, and long-term ruggedness to withstand the challenging automotive environment; a key to unleashing the full capabilities and benefits of SiC MOSFETs. To attain optimal performance, the power module is paired with NXP’s GD3160 high-voltage, isolated gate driver which enables fast and reliable switching and fault protection.

“Working with Hitachi Energy has allowed us to highlight the efficiency and range benefits of SiC MOSFETs for e-mobility. By pairing the GD3160 with the Hitachi Energy’s RoadPak SiC module, we’ve delivered a solution that aims to reduce the transition time from evaluation to performance optimization of SiC MOSFETs used in traction inverters,” said Robert Li, Vice President and General Manager of NXP’s Drivers & Energy Systems Product Line.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with NXP Semiconductors to improve the performance of e-mobility with faster and low-loss switching. Our joint solution based on NXP Gate Units and SiC RoadPak from Hitachi Energy, built on our industry-leading experience and innovative technologies, will help enable e-vehicles to drive longer distances, thus helping to reduce global carbon emissions and power sustainable transportation everywhere,” said Rainer Kaesmaier, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Semiconductor business.