According to reports, Toshiba will increase capital expenditure in the new fiscal year starting in April to expand the production capacity of power semiconductor devices at its main production base.

Toshiba Electronics has earmarked an investment of 100 billion yen (approximately $840 million) for fiscal 2022, about 45% higher than its estimate of 69 billion yen for fiscal 2021.

The funding will build a new manufacturing facility for Toshiba's production subsidiary, Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation, which is scheduled to start in spring 2023. The expansion also includes the installation of a new production line within the existing structure. The expansion is expected to increase Toshiba's power semiconductor production capacity by about 150%.

The report also revealed that Toshiba will also expand its investment in hard drives. Toshiba has developed technology to increase storage capacity to over 30 TB, more than 70% higher than currently available levels, and is committed to accelerating its commercialization.