TAIYO YUDEN recently announced a partnership with TTI., Inc., the world's leading distributor of electronic components, to promote and support TAIYO YUDEN's products. TTI will enable TAIYO YUDEN to extend its reach and impact sectors such as automotive and electrifications, communication infrastructures, other industrial applications and beyond.

The agreement helps TAIYO YUDEN strengthen partnerships with existing customers, while enhancing its sales channels to expand into other markets, enabling companies from a wide array of industries to accelerate development of electronic devices. TTI's extensive experience in distribution and vast array of logistic services will further bolster TAIYO YUDEN's supply chain for customers.

Joe Wilkinson, CFO/VP of Operations, TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC. commented "TAIYO YUDEN is pleased to add TTI to our authorized distribution network, a global leader in I,P&E sales, TTI provides TAIYO YUDEN with the opportunity to reach more customers in the Americas. TTI's focus on passive products will deliver great benefits to TAIYO YUDEN and our customers."

Don Akery, President TTI Americas, said "TTI is honored to enter into a definitive agreement as an authorized distributor with TAIYO YUDEN." Jeff Ray, TTI Vice President of Product & Supplier Marketing, commented "I'm very excited for TTI's sales force to have access to the TAIYO YUDEN product portfolio. The addition of TAIYO YUDEN's technology will be a tremendous asset to TTI as we continue to build our board level Mobility business here in the Americas. Applications ranging from EV charging, to drivetrain electrification as well as safety and infotainment applications are all perfect for the TAIYO YUDEN product set."