According to industry insider, Micron is disbanding the DRAM design team at its Shanghai R&D center, and has selected more than 40 core R&D personnel to provide qualifications for immigrating to the United States.

The source pointed out that the disbanding of the DRAM design team in Shanghai will be completed within this year, and some core employees will be able to immigrate to the United States with their families, but it is still uncertain how many employees will immigrate.

The insider commented that Micron’s disbanding of the DRAM design team is likely to prevent technology leakage. Although the number of DRAM companies in mainland China is currently small, several new DRAM manufacturers may emerge in the next few years. Micron may want to move product design and R&D to areas outside mainland China.

In addition, there will be no other changes in Micron's current factory in Xi'an, which mainly conducts integrated circuit assembly and testing and DRAM module manufacturing.