On December 15th, TE Connectivity (TE) issued a price increase notice to its customers, stating that it will increase the price of its products by 5% to 10%.

TE stated in the notice that the entire market has experienced unprecedented volatility and challenges recently. TE remains committed to limiting the impact of these fluctuations on customers. However, despite their continuous efforts to optimize operating costs, these effects have posed significant challenges to TE.

TE stated that they are no longer able to bear all the increased costs as they did in the past. They have no choice but to raise prices to help offset these headwinds.

TE's price adjustments include the following:

  • Price lists will be adjusted among +5% to +10%.
  • Orders placed on or after December 20, 2021 will reflect the new prices.
  • For those customers with agreement-priced purchase orders as of July 5th with original schedule commit dates after July 5th will be adjusted to the new pricing.