The biggest electronic component distributor in Asia, WPG group, announced that its Subsidiary, Yosun, will launch STMicroelectronics NFC solution, which can be applied to its newly developed smart meters.

WPG’s subsidiary Yosun launch ST’s NFC solution-SemiMedia

The dual-interface EEPROM series is the link between the electronic equipment operation and the RFID system. This feature will facilitate the introduction of new products with asset tracking, data collection, automatic diagnosis or tracking functions, and can be used with smart meters and Internet of Things. The main microcontroller in devices such as devices, professional or consumer products conducts contactless communication. In addition, the features of the ST25DV will also be fully utilized. Even without having to open the housing, parameters and regional configurations can be directly updated. For RFID systems that require more monitoring capabilities, such as cold chain logistics, ST25DV can also be used.

The newly-launched ST25DV enables customers to flexibly wirelessly set or update electronic product parameters at any point in the supply chain and at any time during the product cycle. Device manufacturers can update product parameters, set software codes, or connect program designs. Start the software.

ST25DV is a standard built-in I2C interface EEPROM memory that can communicate with most microcontrollers or ASIC chips; ST25DV provides a standard RF (Radio Frequency) interface to support NFC (Near Field Communication) Type 5 and ISO 15693 RFID, can communicate wirelessly with RFID readers. In RF mode, the ST25DV does not require power to read and write. This saves power on the board. Its product features include native support for NFC NDEF information and ISO 15693 long-range RF interface, as well as a fast transfer mode for 256-bit high-capacity cache. It also has a market. On-chip memory capacity of up to 64K bits of EEPROM and multiple 64-bit passwords with better data protection capabilities make it easy to remotely access electronic product parameters. This innovative access method not only enables device manufacturers to add new features to their products, but also reduces manufacturing costs, simplifies inventory management processes, and responds quickly to market demands.