According to reports, Henry Cao, vice president of STMicroelectronics and general manager of China region, revealed in an interview on November 2 that the 12-inch wafer fab in Agrate, Italy, was officially completed this week.

The Agrate fab will be used for the production of power device. At present, the fab is about to enter the equipment debugging stage, and the goal is to start shipments in the third quarter of next year. In addition, ST hopes to better serve customers in China by continuously increasing investment.

In addition to the progress of the Agrate fab, Henry Cao said that ST has successfully developed a silicon carbide solution for an important model of an important car company in China, and is still working on a silicon carbide solution for the second model.

Henry Cao pointed out that ST has invested in silicon carbide for 25 years. It has signed a long-term supply agreement with Cree, the world's largest substrate manufacturer, and has obtained more than 60% of its supply. In addition, ST acquired Norstel, and the goal is to use Norstel's production capacity to achieve 40% self-sufficiency in substrate supply by 2024.

In the field of electric vehicles, Henry Cao pointed out that the number of semiconductors assembled in each new-generation electric vehicle is at least 3-4 times that of traditional vehicles. Among them, the demand for power management chips increases by 20%, and CRS and ISB increase by 50%, and MCUs increase by at least 30%. By 2026, at least more than 90 billion chips will be needed, and by 2035 it will be 128.5 billion.