Silicon Labs recently issued a price increase notice to its customers, stating that it will increase the prices of all its products from November 28.

Silicon Labs stated in the notice that the semiconductor supply chain crisis continues to severely impact industries across the world with no sign of short-term recovery. The crisis has highlighted the urgent need to invest in semiconductor capacity expansion to meet the continuously growing demand across the global economy.

Silicon Labs pointed out that due to the industry-wide capacity crisis as well as broad inflation across nearly all industries they are seeing unprecedented cost increases throughout their supply chain(raw materials, foundries test & assembly, logistics, labor/age). As a result, Silicon Labs will be increasing pricing on all product lines, including existing backlog, starting Nov 28th, 2021.

Silicon Labs also emphasized that the entire reason they exist as a company is to service their customers, and they recognize passing along the cost increases that they are seeing is disruptive. As inflation and shortages in the supply chain decrease, Silicon Labs will work hard to find and deliver cost reductions.