According to supply chain, Renesas Electronics issued a price increase notice to its customers on October 15, stating that it would increase the prices of most of its products and Dialog products.

Renesas stated in the notice that throughout the semiconductor industry, they continue to see supply challenges due to the capacity limitations in the front end (wafers), back end, test and packaging, as well as raw materials. This has led their suppliers to significantly increase the cost to absorb major capital investments.

Renesas carefully evaluated the impact of the supply chain on their manufacturing costs. In order to maintain the continuity of supply and long-term manufacturing, Renesas decided to increase the price of most of Renesas Electronics’ products and its newly acquired Dialog products. The increase will be effective Jan 1, 2022.

Renesas said that although these are difficult actions, they are necessary in light of the current semiconductor supply chain situation. In addition, Renesas believes that these actions will help ensure the continuity of supply, because it is still Renesas’ top priority to do everything it can to meet customer needs now and in the future.