On October 14, TSMC President Dr. C.C. Wei said at the investor conference that the shortage of automotive chips has improved, and the output problems of automakers will gradually ease in the coming quarters.

"TSMC will do its best to help automotive customers improve the chip shortage this year, and it has improved significantly. The shortage has improved compared with the third quarter. It is expected that GM and other manufacturers will continue to see benefits in the next few quarters." said Dr. C.C. Wei.

"The automotive supply chain is quite complicated, but TSMC has tried its best to increase production capacity to support automotive customers to solve the shortage. However, we cannot solve the supply chain challenges of the entire industry. For example, the pandemic in Southeast Asia has affected the supply of some automotive ICs. " He added.

In order to solve the shortage of automotive chips, TSMC has actively launched a number of actions. TSMC previously mentioned that in the first half of 2021, it has successfully increased the output of MCU, one of the important components of automotive semiconductor products, by about 30% annually. In addition, TSMC plans to increase MCU production for the whole year of 2021 by nearly 60%.