TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. (“TAIYO YUDEN”) announced yesterday that TAIYO YUDEN and KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. (“KAGA FEI”) signed a contract regarding transfer of TAIYO YUDEN’s Wireless Module business (the “Business”) to KAGA FEI. The transaction will be completed on January 1, 2022.

TAIYO YUDEN mentioned in the announcement that as IoT devices have become widely used, demand in the market for Bluetooth® modules and wireless LAN modules is expected to continue to grow. TAIYO YUDEN has been engaged in providing wireless modules, leveraging its excellent product development capability and support system. However, TAIYO YUDEN concluded the transfer contract of the Business with KAGA FEI, deeming that TAIYO YUDEN must concentrate its management resources on the Electronic Components business, including multilayer ceramic capacitors, which is the core business of TAIYO YUDEN, to achieve the goals of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2025.