Nexperia announced that its "Power Live" virtual conference will be held from 21st-23rd September. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, the expanded three-day event will cover a wide range of subjects related to power electronics featuring GaN devices, MOSFETs, power diodes and bipolar transistors for automotive and industrial applications.

Session highlights will include:

  • Fully Electrothermal MOSFET Models
    A detailed preview of Nexperia’s new electrothermal MOSFET models, which can accurately represent static and dynamic characteristics of devices within simulation and reduce the risk of EMC issues ordinarily recognised late in the design process.
  • 650V GaN CCPAK evaluation
    Features and benefits of the upcoming evaluation board for benchmarking GaN CCPAK devices using double-pulse testing.
  • Designing with power MOSFETs in industrial applications
    Why and when you need a 500 A MOSFET, optimizing key characteristics, and managing in-rush current and hot SOA curves.
  • Schottky, Silicon Germanium or Recovery (PN) rectifiers?
    How to achieve extra efficiency and reliability in automotive applications like LED driver or solenoid drive by choosing the most suitable power diode.

The full agenda will include live presentations inviting engineers to discuss and contribute to some of today’s biggest challenges when designing with power components, as well as case studies and contributions from Nexperia’s valued partners. Attendees can also watch Nexperia’s resident power experts present the latest technology demos direct from the company’s worldwide labs throughout the event.

A GaN panel discussion attended by both Nexperia and industry experts, will close the ‘Power Live’ event on Thursday, 23rd September. This will be an open forum to discuss thoughts and influences of the technology and market. Contributions from participants are very welcome.

Commenting on ‘Power Live’ Robby Ferdinandus, Global Head of Marketing at Nexperia, says: “The feedback we got from our first event last year was excellent. More than 700 engineers registered to attend, and many said they found it especially invaluable to be able to engage with other like-minded people in the live sessions to discuss common design challenges.”

The full event schedule is released now. Questions for the GaN panel can be asked using the form on the registration page. Register free here.