According to Nikkei Asia, due to the surge in demand for SSDs and servers, the price of NAND flash memory rose for the first time in the past 16 months in July. Take TLC 256Gb as an example, its price increased by 3% from June to $3.35 per piece.

The report also pointed out that price increases may be short-term. The price increase of NAND flash memory is mainly due to the increase in demand for SSDs for PCs and servers for data centers. The supply-side capacity has been tight since the beginning of this year. However, with the addition of new production capacity by Samsung and Kioxia in the second half of this year, prices are expected to decline as soon as next year.

The report quoted Kioxia’s second-quarter financial report as saying that the balance of supply and demand in the NAND flash memory market has improved, and the price has risen by more than 10%, the first increase in the past four quarters. Kioxia believes that the overall NAND flash memory market will maintain high demand, and supply and demand are expected to remain stable in the second half of the year.