According to sources in the semiconductor supply chain, affected by the epidemic, part of the chip production line of a Bosch supplier in Muar, Malaysia was required to be closed until August 21 by the local government, which affected the delivery of Bosch’s ESP/IPB, VCU, TCU and other parts. It is expected that the supply will be cut off after August.

According to public information, there are more than 50 semiconductor companies with factories in Malaysia, and most of them are industry giants, including AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments, NXP, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Onsemi, etc. .

The insider revealed that although many semiconductor companies have factories in Malaysia, not many have factories in Muar, Malaysia. Dato’ Seri Wong Siew Hai, chairman of the Malaysian Semiconductor Industry Association, confirmed: “Some factories with a high level of infected workers have been closed.”