According to Business Standard, N Chandrasekaran, chairman of India's largest group company Tata Group, said in an interview yesterday that the company is seeking to enter the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

The report pointed out that Chandrasekaran believes that the market opportunity for semiconductor manufacturing is $1 trillion, and Tata Group has established a digital business to seize the opportunity.

Chandrasekaran said that after the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical changes, some companies are shifting their supply chains that rely heavily on China to other countries, which is a huge opportunity for India.

In recent years, India has become the choice for multinational companies to set up factories. However, due to the huge investment, there is no chip factory in India so far.

According to Chandrasekaran, Tata Group has launched many new businesses, such as electronics manufacturing, 5G network equipment and semiconductors. He said that in rebalancing the supply chain, India can benefit a lot from geopolitical changes.