According to reports, memory chip manufacturer Nanya Technology stated that the installation of its first-generation 10nm process technology (1A) trial production line has been completed, and both the predecessor product and the next-generation DDR5 are in trial production. In addition, the first product of the second-generation 10nm (1B) process technology will also begin trial production in the near future.

The report pointed out that Nanya will continue to optimize its 20nm product portfolio. In addition to increasing certifications for server and PC OEM customers, it will also accelerate the promotion of low-power products. Its future target markets include portable products, automotive and industrial applications, which can effectively increase product value and sales flexibility.

In addition, Nanya also mentioned the situation of its new 12-inch wafer fab built to meet market demand and the company's long-term development. The new fab is expected to break ground at the end of the year, and it is planned to start installation before the end of 2023. The production capacity will be set up in stages according to market demand.