According to sources quoted by Reuters, TSMC is planning to expand its investment in Arizona and build five more fabs, which means that a total of six fabs will be built in the United States in the next three years, and the total monthly production capacity will exceed 100,000 pieces.

According to the report, TSMC announced an investment of US$12 billion to build a factory in Arizona last year. Currently, the Phoenix 300mm wafer fab is under construction and is scheduled to start production in 2024. The fab's initial monthly production capacity is 20,000 wafers, which is relatively small by industry standards.

Regarding the news, TSMC said yesterday that the Arizona plant will start construction this year as planned. Regarding market rumors, TSMC declined to comment, and said that when there is any formal decision, the company will disclose it.

Since the production capacity of advanced semiconductors is basically in Asia, the United States is actively striving to establish foundries outside Asia to reduce its dependence on Asia. In addition to TSMC, the United States also maintains close communication with Samsung and Intel.