According to Bloomberg, Silicon labs is considering a potential spin-off plan and is studying the sale of its analog business. Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that the company's analog business may be worth more than US$2 billion to US$3 billion.

Silicon Labs' chips are widely used in smart home equipment, industrial automation, vehicles and data center equipment, and these markets are growing rapidly. Although Silicon Labs continues to grow, it is a small chip manufacturer whose annual sales have not exceeded $1 billion. Earlier this month, Silicon Labs released its financial report, achieving revenue of 886.7 million US dollars in 2020. By spinning off its analog business, Silicon Labs will focus on IoT-related businesses, which account for nearly 60% of its revenue.

In the IoT market, Silicon Labs has a rich product line, including wireless Mesh solutions, as well as low-power 32bit ARM microprocessors, sensors and other products, which have great potential for acquisition. Bloomberg said that Silicon Labs may attract the interest of other semiconductor companies and is currently working with a financial advisory company, but has not yet made a final decision on