Recently, the first Samsung mobile phone Galaxy J7 Duo using Goodix fingerprint solution GW32J1 was successfully launched in India market. This is the first fingerprint solution cooperation project between Goodix and Samsung mobile phones. Goodix has thus become a partner of Samsung, a largest brand of smart phones worldwide. Samsung mobile phones shipped over 310 million smartphones worldwide in 2017.

In recent years, Goodix Technology has continued to increase its investment in overseas markets. The company's international market strategy has achieved remarkable results. With the unique value of innovative technologies and products, professional services and delivery capabilities, Gooddix’s human-computer interaction and biometric products have been successively used in Amazon, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, Nokia, Asus, and other well-known global enterprises. Focusing on customer-centric innovation, Goodix Technology will continue to strengthen the pace of overseas market expansion, and intensify efforts in new application areas such as smart terminals, IoT and smart cars, and tap into in-depth cooperation opportunities with more overseas brand customers. Innovative value products and solutions bring more international customers and serve global consumers.