MediaTek said today that the government bans MediaTek to sell chips to ZTE is misread.

“MediaTek is applying for export licenses for related products in accordance with Taiwan’s “International Trade Bureau” routine process. This kind of work seems to happen every month and involves many countries and companies, not for any one company,” MediaTek said.

In the early hours of this morning, MediaTek issued a statement saying that it is applying for a ZTE export license. According to the requirements of the "Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, International Trade Bureau," MediaTek is actively preparing relevant documents to apply for ZTE's export license. With a view to obtaining the export license for goods as soon as possible.

Mediatek stated that on the same day that the United States sanctioned ZTE, MediaTek received a verification notice from the “Taiwan International Trade Bureau” on exporting products to ZTE. Like 2016, this is a routine event and it is also an international practice.

It is understood that the products of MediaTek's exports to ZTE are mainly concentrated on related products such as chips and Wi-Fi modules. These products cannot be exported until they have received export licenses. "Usually there are results in 30 days. The last time ZTE was surveyed by the US in 2016, it took about two weeks to get a permit. This time we also hope to have results as soon as possible," Mediatek said.