According to reports, Kioxia (formerly Toshiba Memory) pointed out in the latest IPO information that the US ban on Huawei may lead to overcapacity in the overall NAND Flash industry and lead to a fall in NAND Flash prices.

In Kioxia’s overall revenue, NAND Flash for smartphones accounts for 40%. Kioxia pointed out that most or all of the products sold by the company to Huawei are subject to the US ban on Huawei. Therefore, the supply of NAND Flash to Huawei has been stopped on September 15.

Kioxia pointed out that for the NAND Flash industry as a whole, the US ban on Huawei may cause an oversupply of NAND Flash products and cause prices to fall.

In addition to Kioxia, Samsung, Hynix, and even Nanya Technology have previously stated that they have stopped supplying Huawei. Industry insiders said that among all IC categories, the memory chip market is an unstable market, and the industry has expressed the same concern that the ban may cause prices to fall.

However, these memory chip manufacturers have applied to the United States for continued supply to Huawei. SemiMedia will continue to follow up.