According to reports, UMC stated on the 29th that benefiting from the growth of 28- and 22-nm foundry orders for wireless networks and display driver ICs, the capacity utilization rate in the second quarter increased to 98%, and the revenue ratio of 28 nanometers has increased significantly.

UMC estimates that wafer shipments and prices in the third quarter will remain the same as the previous quarter. Orders for 28- and 22-nm chips have increased significantly, and capacity continues to be fully loaded.

In addition, UMC stated that the 28- and 22-nm production capacity will be in short supply in the second half of the year. This year's capital expenditure will increase by nearly 70% compared with last year, reaching 1 billion US dollars, which will be used to invest and expand the 28- and 22-nm production capacity of the Fab 12A in Tainan City.