According to reports, Allwinner Technology, a Chinese chip maker, has reached a strategic cooperation with Alibaba's semiconductor company Pingtou Ge (T-Head Semiconductor), and will develop a new computing chip based on the T-Head’s Xuantie processor. The chip will be used in industrial control, smart home, and consumer electronics, and plans to ship 50 million pcs in three years.

In the past few years, the ecology of the RISC-V architecture has gradually matured and has quickly become the main choice for chip design. Over the past ten years, Allwinner’s core products have been developed based on the ARM architecture. And now, T-Head's Xuantie series processors provide a new choice for Allwinner.

It is reported that the first cooperative product between the two parties has begun to develop, that is, Allwinner is developing general-purpose computing power chips based on T-Head's Xuantie 906 and 902 processors, which is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in power consumption. The chip can be used in smart home, industrial control and consumer electronics applications.