According to the latest report from DRAMeXchange, the global DRAM output in the first quarter of 2020 was US $ 14.8 billion, a decrease of 4.6% from the previous quarter.

DRAMeXchange pointed out that in the first quarter, DRAM suppliers are committed to reducing inventories. The inventory in the end of the first quarter has dropped significantly, and the average price of DRAM has increased by about 5% from the previous quarter. However, due to the epidemic prevention policies of countries around the world, logistics have been restricted, DRAM shipments have decreased and output value has declined.

In addition, due to limited order shipments in the first quarter, DRAMeXchange predicts that the overall output value of DRAM in the second quarter will increase more than 20% quarter-to-quarter, and the average DRAM price may continue to rise.

In terms of market share rankings, the DRAMeXchange report shows that Samsung ranked first with 44.1% market share; SK Hynix ranked second with 29.3% market share; Micron ranked third with 20.8% market share. In addition, DRAMeXchange said that the market share will not change much in the second quarter.