Recently, passive component manufacturer Walsin announced that it will spend NT $ 668 million (approximately $22.33 million) to purchase some factories and facilities in Kaohsiung from from memory IC assembly and testing service provider Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc.

A Walsin spokesman said that in the past few years, the passive component market has changed. In addition to demand growth, the global supply structure has also changed. In order to make market segmentation and enhance competitiveness, Walsin plans to expand production facilities steadily with the support of its own technology and resources to gradually increase the market share and irreplaceability of its high-end products.

According to Walsin, the Walton plant is close to its existing plant and the area is in line with demand. After the transaction is completed, it will be used to expand Walsin's MLCC capabilities. At present, the production capacity in mainland China and Taiwan each accounts for 50% of Walsin's overall MLCC production capacity, and after the plant is put into use, the production capacity in Taiwan will reach 60%.