According to supply chain, due to restrictions imposed by the Mexican authorities on the COVID-19 pandemic, Skyworks’ factory in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, was closed to prevent the virus from spreading.

The source said that the closure of the Skyworks factory is from April 10 to April 30, which is the first stage of the epidemic prevention measures formulated by the local government. As for whether the operation can be resumed on May 1, it needs to be decided according to the local control situation of COVID-19.

According to public information from Skyworks, the Mexicali factory is the company's largest production base in the world and includes two facilities, one is an assembly service building covering 360,000 square feet for semiconductor solutions including modules, RF chip-scale and FPBGA packages; the other is the most advanced 180,000 square foot structure for test and finishing services for all Skyworks devices. Both facilities operate 24/7.

According to earlier market analysis, Skyworks' RF power amplifier products occupy an important position in the global 5G mobile phone supply chain. Currently, major global GaAs RF device manufacturers include Skyworks, Qorvo, Broadcom and so on. The top three companies together accounted for 66% of the global share, and Skyworks and Qorvo are in a leading position in the world.

The power amplifier is one of the most critical devices of a mobile phone, and it has a crucial effect on the signal quality and distance of the mobile phone wireless communication, and even the standby time of the mobile phone. In addition to the baseband, it is the most important part of the entire radio frequency system in a mobile phone.

2020 is an important year for 5G mobile phones to enter the market, and major manufacturers have begun to launch 5G mobile phones in succession. The supply chain believes that the current Skyworks inventory can meet the short-term needs of customers, but if the Skyworks factories cannot be resumed in early May, it will affect the global 5G mobile phone supply chain in the second quarter.