According to Bloomberg News, China's smart device solutions provider AAC technologies announced the establishment of a global MEMS microphone R&D center in Edinburgh, UK, to accelerate its global layout in the micro-electromechanical field.

According to reports, in January 2020, AAC Technology successfully mass-produced 70dB high signal-to-noise ratio MEMS microphones through independent research and development of core technologies, and ranked among the world's top supplier of microelectromechanical suppliers. The product has stronger performance than similar products in the current market, reducing power consumption by 30% and cost by 50%.

Voice is an important way of human-computer interaction in the 5G era and is rapidly changing people's lives. As the core component of voice interaction, MEMS microphones have the advantages of small size, low power consumption, excellent performance, high consistency and low cost.

The person in charge of AAC's Edinburgh MEMS R & D Center said that with the official launch of the Edinburgh R&D Center, AAC's MEMS microphone technology will be developed for the next generation of products, with the goal of smaller size, higher signal-to-noise ratio, lower power consumption and stronger performance.

The establishment of the Edinburgh MEMS Microphone Global R&D Center allows AAC to reach the local leading artificial intelligence research and talent reserve resources, and further improve AAC's global R&D layout.