According to Infineon's official report, it produced about 38 million power semiconductor chips in a very short time and delivered them to ResMed for the manufacture of ventilators.

Dr. Helmut Gassel, Member of the Management Board and CMO Infineon Technologies AG, said: “We are pleased that we can contribute to support overcoming this crisis with around 38 million power semiconductors for producing medical ventilators. As the global market leader for these components, we are focusing on being able to make these products available on short notice.”

In addition to Infineon, Intel is also making efforts to combat COVID-19. It is reported that a medical equipment manufacturer placed an order with Intel for 25,000 BDW series CPUs for the manufacture of ventilators. BDW series CPU can be used to control the intensity, frequency and tidal volume of the ventilator, and it is the key component of the ventilator. In order to deliver in time, Intel took less than two weeks to urgently produce the orders and deliver them to customers in less than two weeks.

COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, and the number of new confirmed cases is rising every day. According to public medical reports, the current treatment for COVID-19 is mainly supportive therapy, and overload of the medical system will cause a significant increase in mortality. Therefore, the supply of medical resources is particularly important. As the most important part of electronic medical equipment, electronic components are one of the keys to contain viruses worldwide. In addition to the reported efforts of Infineon, Intel and AVX, it is believed that there are many component suppliers also involved, but not publicly reported.