Recently, ADI issued a statement to its customers and distributors on the impact of COVID-19 on its supply chain, according to which ADI's supply chains in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States were disrupted.

ADI said in the statement that they are actively working to improve their capacity and resilience within these evolving constraints and assessing the impact of these constraints on their plans to fill customer order. In many cases, ADI’s existing finished goods inventory will be able to service immediate orders, while new supply will be constrained below pre-COVID-19 levels for three to five weeks.

It can be seen from ADI's statement that although the supply chain has been affected, it has not hit much of the current supply. However, SemiMedia has observed that since last week, the price of ADI's components in the open market has increased significantly.

A supply chain insider said that in fact there were no actual factors that caused the prices increase of these components. Observing from the current situation, the price increase is mainly due to market panic and may gradually fall after the impact of the epidemic has decreased.

Following is the statement from ADI.

ADI issues statement on the impact of COVID-19 on its supply chain-SemiMedia