According to reports, Intel and Micron have signed a new 3D XPoint memory chip supply agreement. Analysts believe that Intel will now have to pay Micron more than before because it is the only manufacturer of 3D XPoint.

After ending its partnership with Micron's NAND and 3D XPoint, Intel sold shares in its wafer fab in Lehi, Utah. Since Intel has not yet transferred the production of the Optane series products based on 3D XPoint to the Fab 68 factory in Dalian, China, it must sign a supply agreement with Micron. Under the agreement, Micron Technology will sell 3D XPoint to Intel at a pre-agreed price for one year after acquiring ownership of the fab.

The statement shows that on March 9, Micron and Intel agreed to terminate the product supply agreement between Micron, Intel and Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte. Ltd. (the "PSA") signed on April 6, 2012, and it has entered into force on March 6. At the same time the contract was terminated, Micron signed a new agreement with Intel. The two companies did not disclose further details, only that the new agreement changed pricing and rights terms.