Yageo announced the earnings report for March and the first quarter of 2018. According to the released data, the revenue for March was 678 million USD, the first quarter revenue was 1.75 billion USD, grow 61.7% by compare with the same period of last year, it is a new high revenue record of Yageo.

Looking into the future, Yageo said, benefit from the increase order of the high priced automotive electronics and industrial product, the growth of high-end customer demand, the demand for high-performance computers and high-end smart phones, the future will continue to be good.

For Yageo, the second half year of 2017 and the year of 2018 is an important period, benefit from the global MLCC maker’s production reduction, the orders turned to Taiwan makers, Yageo was one of the beneficiaries. As we understand, Yageo’s MLCC takes 13% of the global market share, only after Murata, TDK, Kyocera, Taiyo Yuden and Samsung, it is the sixth-largest producer in the world. In terms of chip-resistor, Yageo takes 34% of the global market share, it is the world’s largest chip-resistor producer, the main players after Yageo are Rohm, Panasonic and KOA.

According to the previous report, Yageo’s production capacity was tight due to the increased demand. And Yageo had increased the MLCC price for several times, and the chip-resistor price was also raised 2 months ago. In the short term, this situation will not change too much, Yageo’s future revenue is expected to rise again in the next quarter.