According to Businesstimes, DuPont has decided to invest $ 28 million in South Korea to produce photoresist and other materials by 2021.

In July 2019, the Japanese government announced restrictions on the export of three semiconductor core materials to South Korea, which has restricted the production of Korean semiconductor companies. Last month, the Japanese government announced partial lifting of photoresist export restrictions on South Korea. Japanese companies can provide three years of photoresist to companies such as LG, Samsung and SK Hynix. However, according to public information, not all restrictions have been eliminated, and the export of fluorinated polyimide and high-purity hydrogen fluoride from Japan to South Korea is still restricted.

South Korea's industry sector said in a statement that, although Japan's recent relaxation of export restrictions on photoresists, this is only partial progress and is not a fundamental solution.

Photoresist is one of Japan's three major semiconductor materials that restrict exports to South Korea. DuPont's decision will help South Korea reduce its dependence on Japanese raw materials.