Recently, Omnivision released the OV48C, a 48-megapixel image sensor with a large pixel size of 1.2 μm, which can provide high-resolution and excellent low-light photography performance for flagship smartphone cameras.

The sensor size of the OV48C is 1/1.3 inches, the pixel size is 1.2 μm, and the effective pixels are 48 million. At the same time, it claims to be the first product with core-level HDR, with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. The OV48C sensor comes with a 4-unit color filter array, supports 48-megapixel Bayer output, four-pixel in one (equivalent to 12 million pixels, 2.4 μm), 4K / 8K video shooting and 360fps slow motion.

"The combination of high resolution, large pixel size, and high dynamic range is essential for features such as the night mode of flagship mobile phone cameras. OV48C is the only mobile image sensor in the industry that provides high 48MP resolution, 1.2 micron pixels, high speed and chip-level HDR, which can provide superior signal-to-noise ratio, excellent low-light performance and high-quality 4K video." Said Arun Jayaseelan, marketing manager, OmniVision.

According to the parameters, OV48C is undoubtedly the strongest 48-megapixel CMOS at present, and the actual performance is more worth looking forward to than 64-megapixel products.