According to reports, Samsung Electronics will invest $ 8 billion in its chip factory in China to promote the production of NAND flash memory chips. According to industry estimates, due to limited supply and rising demand for 5G equipment and networks, the global memory chip market will rebound next year, and Samsung's investment comes at a time when the global memory market is expected to rebound next year.

Prior to this, Samsung earlier invested $ 10.8 billion in a testing and packaging factory in Xi'an, China, for the first phase of Samsung's Xi'an flash chip project. The $ 8 billion investment is the second investment in Samsung’s Xi'an Phase II flash memory chip project. The total investment for the second phase of the project is US $ 15 billion, divided into two investments, the first US $ 7 billion and the second US $ 8 billion.

The second-phase project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021. After the completion, it will add 130,000 pieces of monthly production capacity and an additional output value of about 30 billion yuan.