UNISOC, a core chip supplier for mobile communications and the Internet of Things from China, announced that it has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with British company Verve Connect. According to the agreement, the two sides will develop a series of smart terminals based on the UNISOC chip for the European market.

Verve Connect launched the IMO terminal brand in 2016. It currently ranks second in the UK prepaid mobile phone market, and is also a provider of special band CPE for operators. Over the past three years, IMO has achieved great success in the router and smartphone markets through the channels of major British telecommunications operators, mobile virtual network operators and retail chains.

The IMO Q3 Plus, IMO Q2 Plus, and IMO Dash series launched by Verve Connect in the European market this year all use UNISOC chips. After signing the cooperation agreement with UNISOC, Verve Connect will launch 5G terminal equipment in 2020 based on the existing successful market foundation, expand its market share in Europe, and strive to become the mainstream equipment provider for smart terminals and routers in the 4G and 5G fields in Europe.

Zhou Chen, Executive Vice President of UNISOC, said: "The full cooperation with Verve Connect combines the respective market, R & D and production advantages of both sides, and will provide operators and end consumers with better products and services more efficiently. As mobile operators accelerate their evolution to 4G and 5G, UNISOC will also deepen its cooperation with European partners, especially innovative and dynamic companies such as Verve Connect."

Chris Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Verve Connect, said: "We will carry out comprehensive cooperation in all aspects of research and development, product development and market positioning. Verve Connect has further enhanced the IMO brand influence through a series of measures such as corporate social responsibility and quality standard certification. We will work with UNISOC together for the mobile industry Bring a new energy."