According to South Korean media reports, LG Innotek, an electronic component manufacturer of LG, announced on Wednesday that it has developed the world's first 5G vehicle communication module based on Qualcomm chips.

The report pointed out that the chipset running on Qualcomm's Snapdragon Automotive 5G platform detected obstacles four times faster than the LTE chipset. At the same time, thanks to the low latency of 5G, this 5G communication module can activate the emergency braking function of the car when the automatic driving speed reaches 100 kilometers per hour.

LG stressed that in order to solve the heating problem of 5G car chip, the company has applied proprietary RF circuit design technology, high-precision high-density modular technology and heat-resistant materials to the manufacture of 5G modules.

An official at LG Innotek said: "The successful development of the 5G communication module will accelerate manufacturers' commercialization of fully automated and connected cars."