Recently, South Korean government officials said in a local radio interview that South Korea will consider controlling DRAM exports to Japan as a response to Japan’s export controls imposed on South Korea.

The government official said: "Many electronic components in Japan are imported from us. We have 72.4% of DRAM market share, if DRAM is stopped for two months, the production of 230 million smartphones worldwide will have Trouble. Therefore, we can take advantage of this."

According to the analysis, many Japanese manufacturers import DRAM from South Korea to supply smartphones, personal computers, and servers. If South Korea intends to control exports, Japanese manufacturers will increase DRAM inventory in response to market uncertainty, and the rise in DRAM demand in a short period of time will contribute to the global DRAM market.

The analyst also said that Japanese manufacturers may also try to purchase from Micron. There is no doubt that export controls in South Korea and Japan will have an impact on the DRAM market, which may cause DRAM prices to rise.