According to CNBC, Intel CEO Bob Swan said in an interview yesterday that although the modem business was sold to Apple, Intel would still be a major competitor in the 5G field.

Bob Swan said that the deal is also beneficial to Intel, which is why Intel can now focus on 5G in other areas. For example, develop 5G chips for products other than smartphones.

Bob Swan explained the considerations behind the deal in an interview. He said that for this industry, the 5G modem field can not achieve Intel's differentiated growth strategy. On the other hand, the Intel modem business has only one customer, and retaining this business does not bring attractive returns to the company. He also stressed that Intel will focus on the 5G field that can really bring opportunities. Although the 5G smartphone modem business has been sold to Apple, it retains access to these technologies because other products (such as personal computers and cars) may need a 5G modem. At the same time, mobile networks will also be an important area for Intel's future development.

Bob Swan believes that as the world's demand for data continues to grow, it will become a significant growth field for Intel.

CNBC pointed out that Intel has been seeking to diversify its business, and entering the telecommunications field is one of the strategies.