Maxim Integrated today announced the new nanoPower Real Time Clock (RTC), the MAX31341B, which extends battery life, saves power and space in space-constrained products such as wearables, medical monitors, retail terminal (POS) devices and portable terminals.

Compared with the smallest RTC solution on the market today, the nanoPower RTC has a volume reduction of more than 35% and a working current consumption of less than 180nA, which effectively reduces the timing burden of the central microcontroller and saves power and battery life during sleep.

Systems that use a microcontroller to achieve accurate timing consume a significant amount of battery energy, which is unacceptable in wearable applications. This approach is not an effective solution, especially for small battery powered systems. The MAX31341B features industry-leading power management circuitry that maintains timing during sleep and shuts down the microcontroller, saving power and extending battery life. The RTC is available in a 2mm x 1.5mm wafer level package that is 35% smaller and helps reduce system development time.

Long battery life: Compared to the nearest competitor, the operating current is reduced by 18% to less than 180nA. The MAX31341B's chrono-current allows continuous operation for more than 10 hours in the standard button lithium battery-powered mode.

Small size: The device minimizes external circuitry by integrating load capacitance, trickle charger, power management and 64-byte RAM.

Precise timing: With a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the timing accuracy is 100ppm (based on an external crystal).

The price of the MAX31341B is $0.70 (1000pcs, FOB USA). For more information on this device, please visit Maxim Integrated's website: