Recently, NXP held the NXP Connects in Santa Clara, Calif., and announced the launch of the EdgeVerse platform brand at its summit to support its fast-growing edge computing portfolio.

According to NXP, the EdgeVerse platform has 5 highlights:

1. brings together the building blocks for high-performance and energy-efficient compute through the industry’s broadest portfolio of scalable embedded processing that can power numerous edge applications within the industrial, IoT, and automotive markets.
2. Includes NXP's complete portfolio of industrial, IoT and automotive embedded processors, world-class security products, enhanced short-range connectivity solutions, production-ready complete solutions, and signature software solutions for machine learning (ML) , audio/video experience and device management software platform.
3. Specific products include the NXP i.MX embedded processing portfolio and Layerscape application processor, K32, LPC and Kinetis microcontrollers, i.MX RT cross-border processors, and automotive microcontrollers and processors.
4. Helps drive machine learning, reasoning, and easy cloud connectivity by providing tools and engines to inspire and simplify edge artificial intelligence. The EdgeVerse platform includes NXP's eIQ machine learning software development environment, Immersiv3D audio experience suite and EdgeScale device management platform. NXP customers can work with existing models or quickly design, train, and optimize new models to deploy across NXP's comprehensive portfolio.
5. Integrating NXP's strong eco-environment support and IoT support, based on NXP's more than 30 years of successful experience in embedded processing, driving edge computing. Customers can also take advantage of NXP's trusted ecosystem of hundreds of tool providers and ODMs who are experienced in implementing industrial IoT and developing edge-specific application solutions.

In addition, NXP has introduced the EdgeLock security brand as part of the EdgeVerse platform.

The EdgeLock portfolio includes NXP's well-known discrete security components, security-certified products for interfaces, and embedded security features in a broad portfolio of application processors and microcontrollers. The EdgeLock brand also features a numbering scheme that reflects the combined hardware, software, and system-level security of the solution against physical and logical attacks.

As part of the EdgeVerse platform, NXP also announced the EdgeLock SE50 plug-in trusted security component family, which secures industrial 4.0 and IoT security applications from the edge to the cloud.

The EdgeVerse platform is available now. For more information on EdgeVerse, please visit NXP’s website: