Before Apple’s new iPhone launches in the second half year of 2018, Android phone chip’s manufacturers are now contending for the wafer production capacity. As supply chain disclosed, MTK, Nvidia, Broadcom and other companies have taken the initiative to take the production capacity from TSMC. TSMC is now fully loaded and customers lining up in front of the door.

As we know, nearly 80% of Apple’s iPhone chips are place on TSMC, therefore, in the past three years, as long as the Apple iPhone chip production officially launched, TSMC’s production capacity will be fully loaded. Insider pointed out that in order to avoid TSMC's production capacity shortage in the second half of the year, front-line customers including MediaTek, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Hisilicon, Bitmain, etc., all rush to place orders before Apple.

“We are now fully loaded, customers are queuing for the 16-nanometer, and 8-inch wafer production is fully loaded from last year to the present,” says TSMC, “if Apple orders the A12 processor in the second quarter as scheduled. The shipment of wafers will increase in the third quarter, and our revenue is expected to hit a record high in a single season.”