Maxim Integrated announces the MAX22513, a surge-protected, dual-drive, IO-Link® device transceiver that integrates a DC-DC buck regulator to help designers achieve smarter digital factories. This device is the industry's smallest, highest power efficiency and stable and reliable IO-Link device transceiver, ideal for industrial IO-Link sensor and actuator applications.

As industrial 4.0 systems become more intelligent, sensors and actuators are required to continue to reduce size, increase reliability, and reduce power consumption to make it easier to adapt to the manufacturing environment. In addition, because multiple discrete solutions need to be integrated into the design, it is difficult for designers to balance the reliability of the solution with the fast time to market.

The MAX22513 accelerates adaptive manufacturing system processes and strengthens Maxim's leadership in Industry 4.0 applications. By integrating the DC-DC regulator and surge protection while providing 4x lower power dissipation and 3x smaller size versus the closest competitor, Maxim continues to enable the trend towards shrinking IO-Link designs that need robust communications with faster time to market. In addition, integrated surge protection and reverse polarity protection ensure reliable communication in harsh industrial environments and accelerate design progress. The IC operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range and is available in a 28-pin QFN package (3.5mm x 5.5mm) and a WLP package (4.1mm x 2.1mm).

Main advantage

⦁ Small size: Highly integrated IC greatly simplifies the design process, reducing the size of the solution by up to 3 times compared to the nearest competitor; eliminating 4 TVS diodes by integrating surge protection compared to Maxim's previous generation

⦁ Low power consumption: The driver's on-resistance is only 2 Ω (typ), 300mA (maximum load) operating current, DC-DC regulator efficiency up to 80%, resulting in a 4x reduction in overall power consumption

⦁Reliable communication: 4 IO pins with reverse voltage protection, short circuit protection and excellent ±1kV/500 Ω surge protection

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