Melexis announces the MLX92223, a PCB-free, two-wire Hall-effect latch with integrated passive components (392Ω resistors and decoupling capacitors) that is fully compatible with industry-standard electronic control units (ECUs) and requires no additional use External components.

With the popularity of motorized seat adjustment mechanisms in automobiles, the importance of accurately detecting seat positions is increasing. The MLX92223 integrates the commonly used external passive components required to connect Hall effect latches to the ECU. By achieving this level of integration, there is no need to install any sensors in the PCB, enabling a more compact solution that allows OEMs to integrate latches and modules even in space-constrained situations to further enhance customer comfort and safety.

Melexis' magnetic sensor technology features advanced offset cancellation and a temperature coefficient that can be programmed, so the MLX92223 compensates for the temperature characteristics of the magnet. The integration of the power supply terminals means that the OEM does not need to connect to the usual external series resistors, and the integrated decoupling capacitors provide better EMC and ESD performance of the MLX92223. In addition, the MLX92223 integrates an internal voltage regulator circuit and sink current output. Other features of the chip include reverse voltage protection, thermal protection, and limiting the output current when the junction temperature of the die exceeds a threshold. The MLX92223 is available in a TO-92-3L package and operates over the -40°C to +150°C temperature range.

Dietex Verstreken, Melexis Product Manager, said: “The MLX92223 is designed for automotive manufacturers who use seat position sensors to meet the safety and comfort requirements of drivers and passengers. Based on the detection feedback of the seat position, the electronic control unit (ECU) effectively adjusts the safety functions such as deploying the airbag or tensioning the seat belt. The MLX92223 revolutionizes the seat position detection sensor solution, which is also suitable for other consumer and industrial applications."