Globalfoundries has announced that Americo Lemos has joined the Globalfoundries team as the president of the company and the head of Asia business development, responsible for leading the company to promote its business growth in key Asian markets.

Prior to joining Globalfoundries, Lemos was a senior vice president at Qualcomm and served as vice president at Intel. As an experienced semiconductor industry executive, Lemos has extensive experience in business development and strategic relationships in the Chinese market, with in-depth knowledge of ecosystem actors including government agencies and academic research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In an interview, Lemos revealed that in the third quarter of last year, Globalfoundries announced a major change in its business strategy to strengthen differentiated process design. The focus of this strategic shift is to rationalize Globalfoundries' investments and focus on developing more sustainable businesses. Globalfoundries is investing in technology to bring real value to its customers. This shift has been widely recognized and welcomed by customers, industry and investors, and Lemos believes this is the right time to join Globalfoundries.n