Nexperia has announced the introduction of its low RDS(on) 40 V AEC-Q101 MOSFET family of products,the target application is a space-constrained and high-powered module in the powertrain system. The device is housed in a tiny LFPAK33 package with a footprint of only 10.9 mm2 and a pitch of only 0.65 mm. At the same time, the component's RDS(on) parameter is 48% lower than previous processes and is suitable for a wide range of applications from 30 W to 300 W. The RDS(on) of the BUK7M3R3-40H and BUK9M3R3-40H (standard and logic) components is only 3.3 mΩ. Nexperia Product Manager Richard Ogden said: “Automotive design engineers need constant innovation – especially in applications such as water, fuel and oil pumps and engine filters – with a focus on reducing module size with increased power requirements. The LFPAK packaging technology absorbs thermal stress and our Trench 9 automotive grade LFPAK33 MOSFET components are ideal for these thermally demanding powertrain systems. Other suitable automotive applications include parking brakes, airbag systems, LED lighting, seat control and heating, window lifts and driver infotainment systems. ” Nexperia's LFPAK33 40 V MOSFET family represents the industry's broadest portfolio of 3x3 mm packages, including 16 standard and logic components. These components are AEC-Q101 compliant and more than twice the requirements of their standards. For more information on this range of products, please refer to the Nexperia website: