ASIC and silicon IP provider Faraday and Samsung started the cooperation of advanced process projects last year. At that time, Faraday already had orders for high-end process. For the cooperation between the two parties, the industry believes that after warming up last year, Faraday and Samsung will have more cooperation results this year.

According to industry insiders, Faraday has successfully entered the 10nm advanced process market in cooperation with Samsung foundry last year. It turns out that Faraday can compete with other ASIC design companies in terms of design capabilities as long as it has Samsung support on the foundry side. It is expected that Faraday will enter the 7-nanometer market this year, which will greatly benefit Faraday's ASIC business and bring more customers.

In addition, Faraday also has a positive view on this year's outlook. The company is optimistic about the cooperation with Samsung foundry, including 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other ASICs will grow significantly, product breadth will continue to expand.