Silicon Labs announces the next-generation Z-Wave700 for the Wireless Gecko platform, the industry's most comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software connectivity solution. Following the strategic acquisition of Z-Wave technology by Silicon Labs in April 2018, the release of the Z-Wave 700 once again demonstrated Silicon Labs' vision and platform integration blueprint.

Based on Z-Wave's S2 security architecture and interoperability, the new smart home platform delivers high performance and performance. Through the Wireless Gecko platform, the Z-Wave 700 enables developers to build the latest smart home products at lower cost and faster time to market.

The Z-Wave 700 combines the powerful platform of ARM processor with large memory to achieve higher intelligence at the edge and secure access to the network in less than a second. The energy-efficient Z-Wave 700 platform is powered by a button-type battery and has a lifespan of up to 10 years for more wireless sensor applications. The enhanced RF performance of the Z-Wave 700 allows the device to break the traditional distance limit to seamlessly cover the perimeter of the courtyard and all corners of the home.

According to analysts, annual shipments of global smart home devices are expected to increase to 1.3 billion units in 2022, with most of the added products being driven by sensors that support artificial intelligence and edge computing applications. These applications provide a smart experience in new vertical areas such as security, energy, voice control and insurance. Advances in wireless technology, such as the Z-Wave 700, are driving the trend of battery-powered sensors, making these devices easier to install and deploy.