According to Korean media reports, Samsung has recently established a sensor business unit through department restructuring, and is mainly responsible for the CMOS image sensor (CIS) business within the LSI business unit. The project leader is Park Yong-In, who has extensive experience in the development of sensor products.

Park Yong-In served as a non-executive director of Dongbu HiTek. In the first half of 2014, he joined the Samsung Electronics System LSI Business Unit. He also worked for LG, Texas Instruments and other companies.

According to research firm TSR, the size of the CIS market worldwide was $11.688 billion last year. Sony's sales reached US$6.018 billion, ranking first with 51.4% market share. Samsung's sales were US$2.448 billion, ranking second with 20.9% market share.

Following the field of mobile communications, Samsung is expanding its CIS business in the automotive sector. According to reports, Samsung Electronics recently provided vehicle image sensors for the first time to Tesla.

According to industry insiders, in the era of the Internet of Things, while Samsung is expanding its CIS business, the relevant departments may be responsible for new sensor businesses related to fingerprint identification and health.