NXP Semiconductors recently announced that NXP and its EAST project partners, including Nokia, Besi, Anteverta, Bruco, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and TNO, jointly won the CATRENE Innovation Award . The EAST project was selected to develop cost-effective technologies that are highly integrated and energy efficient to support the deployment of 5G mobile communication networks.

“The EAST Alliance has developed innovative concepts for switching 5G transmitters in the band without generating unnecessary signals in other bands, saving filter component costs,” said Mark Tomesen, Senior Director, R&D and Innovation. “On the receiver side, we developed an efficient antenna that allows switching between 5G bands to produce a stronger signal while eliminating the need for expensive filters and switches.”

For more information on the EAST project, please visit: www.catrene.org/web/downloads/profiles_catrene/catrene-project-profile-EAST.pdf